How to Create a WordPress Website in China on Bluehost

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Take your business to the next level with a Chinese-aimed website hosted by Bluehost China!

The popular web hosting platform Bluehost is taking American web hosting by storm, and its sister company, Bluehost China, is almost as popular across the Pacific.

If you want to create website through Bluehost China, you’ll need to know a few important things.

Even if you already know how to use, this tutorial can help you with details specific to Bluehost China!

Web hosting in China

Hosting a website in China can drive a huge audience to your business.

According to 2014 World Bank statistics, 49.3% of China’s population are internet users. This percentage translates to about 669 million internet users in China.

This is a huge market you can’t afford to miss if you want to create a global brand!

Before you get started, keep in mind that mainland Chinese government regulations are different from rules in other areas, including Hong Kong.

Hosting a website in Mainland China servers is not an easy process.

Due to censorship rules, the Chinese government requires every website owner to apply for an internet provider license (ICP) before launching a website.

The ICP is a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This permit allows China-based websites to operate in Mainland China.

This permit can also be issued to non-Chinese webmasters, but there are extra requirements you will need to fulfil.

If you visit any Chinese site, you will likely find the ICP License number around the footer area, as shown in the figure below:

ICP License number

Due to the complexity of getting an ICP license, I will not be discussing this process here.

You may need to hire a local Chinese assistant or mainland China hosting provider to assist you through the process. For more details, read this guide.

Looking for another option? 

The easy way to tap into Chinese internet users is to host your website through Hong Kong servers.

Hong Kong’s proximity to China and direct internet connection to China makes this an ideal place for hosting your website.

The distance from Shenzhen, China to Hong Kong is about 17.15Km. Hong Kong’s rules allow anyone to create and host a website without an ICP license or censorship.

Hongkong China border

With that said, let’s get started on how to create a WordPress website through Bluehost China!

Step 1: Choose a WordPress website host in Hongkong

There are many web hosting providers in Hong Kong. One of the best is Bluehost China, the sister company to American

You may already be familiar with this platform and its user-friendly features. Bluehost is among the top ten best hosting companies in the world.

They have been in the hosting business for 20 years and powering over 2 million websites worldwide.

Bluehost China has servers with stable performance, and an easy to use cPanel (Linux hosting) or Plesk panel (Windows hosting). Best of all, its hosting plans are affordable.

Bluehost China has a lot of good reviews from many website owners. You can check them out if you’re interested in seeing what other users think of this platform.

I personally use Bluehost for my websites, and I haven’t found any problem with it yet.

Although Bluehost China’s landing page and set-up process is in Chinese, the backend cPanel and domain management interfaces can be set to English or another language, as shown in the screenshot below.

The customer service also supports English.

multilingual cpanel

Don’t worry about the language of the landing page and the set-up! This visual tutorial will guide you through the process, and in case you face any difficulty, you can leave your questions in the comment box below or contact me.

Shared hosting plans compared

Below is a comparison table of different shared hosting plans available in Bluehost China

DS2Intel E3-1265LV2 2.50 GHz quad-core w / HT - 4 Cores4 GB1000 GB RAID5 TB
DS3Intel E3-1265LV2 2.50 GHz quad-core w / HT - 4 Cores8 GB1000 GB RAID10 TB
DS4Intel E3-1230V2 3.20 GHz quad-core w / HT - 4 Cores16 GB1000 GB RAID15 TB

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans compared

Below is a comparison table of different Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans available through Bluehost China

Plan/PriceDisk SpaceBandwidthWebsites
Linux Plan A
Best Price
10 GB50 GB1
Windows Plan A
Best Price
15 GB50 GB1
Linux Plan B
Best Price
Windows Plan B
Best Price
Linux Plan C
Best Price
Windows Plan B
Best Price

Step 2: Signing up for Bluehost China and registering a domain

Ready to register your domain through Bluehost China? The first step is to visit the official Bluehost China homepage.

Bluehost China

Bluehost China offers some of the same features as American Bluehost. These include shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

In this tutorial, I will use Linux shared hosting, which is the most popular hosting method. Use the screenshot below to help you select the right option:

Bluehost China Official

Once you have selected your hosting product, which in my case is the Linux shared hosting, you will be redirected to another page.

This new page will give you the option to choose between four server locations: USA, India, Europe and Hong Kong.

Hongkong web hosting

Choose Hong Kong server location and select a plan. I will go for plan B, which offers unlimited websites, website space, bandwidth and emails.

  • You can also use the drop-down menu to select the number of years you would like to include in your plan. You can save money by selecting more years at a time.
  • Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase the plan of your choice.

hosting in hongkong

After this, you will be redirected to the domain registration page. You can select your domain name once you are there,

  • Click the “Proceed to checkout” button

Bluehost China domain registration

There are other services listed on the same page that can be registered together with a domain name.

You should consider SiteLock, which offers website security, and CodeGuard, which offers website backup

Once you are on a new page, there are a couple of options for you to choose before making a final domain purchase:

  • First, choose a domain name. The system will tell you if your preferred domain name is available for registration or not.
  • If your first choice isn’t available, the system will suggest other domain options.
  • You can also specify the number of years of domain ownership you want to pay for.

buy domain name bluehost china

  • Verify the shopping cart.
  • Then click “submit”. Wait for about 10 seconds for the system to redirect you to another page to register your account details.
  • If you already have an account with Bluehost China, you can sign in directly.

register web domain

  • Provide the required information and click “Create Account” at the bottom of the page to finish the account registration process. You will be redirected to a payment page.

Bluehost china account registration

  • Once the account is successfully created, you will be redirected to the payment page. You can choose to pay using the Credit card, Paypal or Alipay. Select your preference and click “Pay

china web hosting visa paypal payment

Step 3: Cpanel Login

Before can you do anything else, you need to verify your email address.

Go to your inbox and look for an incoming email with the subject line “注意!” (Note) or “户注册” (Customer Registration).

bluehost china email verification

  • When you open the email, you will find a long link in the email body that begins with “”. Click on this link to verify the email address you registered in the previous step.

bluehost china email confirmation link

You should receive confirmation emails with different subject line titles in your inbox. Email with the subject line beginning with“完成” has a link in its body for Domain management.

Another email beginning with a subject line “操作完成” has all your hosting account details such FTP, cPanel, and DNS credentials.

Open the email with the subject line beginning with “完成” and click the link for “Domain management” in the email. Ensure that you save and bookmark this link for future use.

In case you deleted the email and didn’t have the link you can access it directly by going to

bluehost china domain management

Once you click the link in the email, you will be automatically logged in to the Bluehost China domain management page.

Once you find yourself on this page, scroll down to the bottom right corner to see an option to change the page interface language to English or your preferred language.

Bluehost change language

After the language is changed to English or your preferred language, click “Manage Web hosting” to access your Cpanel.

bluehost manage web hosting

Cpanel will pop up in a different window, but it will be in the Chinese language.

bluehost cpanel in chinese

Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to change Cpanel language to English or your preferred language.

change cpanel language

Select the language you want to change from the drop-down menu and click “Change.

Cpanel language selection

After the language is changed, click the “Go Back” button, which will take you back to cPanel so you can proceed with other few remaining steps.

You’re almost done! Woohoo!

cpanel language changing

Step 4: Installing WordPress on Bluehost China

Head to cPanel. Scroll down the page until you see WordPress icon under the “Softaculous Apps Installer” scripts section and click the WordPress icon.

bluehost wordpress hosting

A new page will pop up. This is where you configure your WordPress website. Remember your username and password! You will need them later to login into WordPress content management system.

The username and password for WordPress CMS are different from the ones you used to purchase your hosting account. You can decide to use the same username and password or create new ones.

bluehost wordpress installer

After creating a username and password, click “Install” at the bottom of the page.

wordpress installer

Once the installation is finished, you can go and check your newly created WordPress website hosted in Bluehost China.

Congrats! You did it!

Step 5: How do I log into my WordPress site?

Go to and log-in with the account information you just created for WordPress CMS.

Replace with your website domain name. For example, for my case, I will use

wordpress login page

Once you have entered your credentials, you will be logged into WordPress CMS, and you can proceed just like you do in your other WordPress websites.

new wordpress blog

Troubleshooting: Why Won’t My Domain Load When I Enter Its Address in the Browser?

After registering a domain with Bluehost or any other registrar, it usually takes just a little while for the domain to show up. This is because it’s a new registration.

If you update a domain by changing Name servers or another important element, it can take can take up to 72 hours for the changes to be made.

If you have followed all the steps above correctly but your WordPress domain it is not loading or the browser is returning an error message, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Go back to the Domain Management page and update the Nameservers to match those sent to your email during the domain registration process. Details of the Nameservers are in the email with the subject line title “操作完成.”

Once you are on the Domain Management page, Click “Name Servers,” and a pop-up window will open. This window offers options for new name servers.

Changing nameservers for a domain

Go ahead and update the name servers to be the same as those sent in the email.

This should solve your problem! If not, contact the Bluehost help desk. They offer quick and helpful advice.

Update name servers


Hopefully, this visual guide on how to create a WordPress website in Bluehost China has been useful to you.

If you are facing any problems with any of the steps above, please drop your comments below! If this article was helpful, you can comment about that, too. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I can’t even describe how awesome and helpful this was. It saved me about a week of work trying to piece together articles and translations and getting help from my Chinese colleagues who are not technical. Thank you!!!

  2. Wow, this is great! I’ve been looking for this info, as my current website is too slow in China. The speed has been 50 seconds to load. Hopefully this will speed it up!

  3. When I ping from Guangdong China Telecom, I get around 180ms. I guess you are hosting this website on American Bluehost and not China Bluehost? Do you know if China Bluehost has a server in Hong Kong with direct connection to China Telecom and no ICP license required? I’m looking for a WordPress host with good latency to China. It’s annoying because Bluehost doesn’t offer a test download from their servers so you need to sign up first before you can ping a server.

  4. This is brilliant ! I’ve been reading so many different things but this puts all the info in one place and gives me clear direction 😉
    Question – I want to do a wordpress installation that has customised coding and integration of a payment provider (ie. style) will this all work using Bluehost too?

    • Hi Dawn,

      You might want to confirm that with Bluehost themselves. Just go to their website and start a livechat, in few minutes you will have all your doubts cleared.

      All the bests and let me know if you need further assistance.


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