Best Free Mail App For Windows 10


It allows you to take all your email accounts to a place and manage them from there so you do not have to go to several places to manage your email accounts.Support for multiple accounts (supports IMAP and POP3) and Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and
Complete touch support.

  • Integrated messaging applications such as Jabber and Google Chat.
  • Integrated task management applications and unified email Inbox.
  • Supports 17 languages
  • Integrated calendar applications
  • Customization (colors and design)
  • Download: Official Site

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Best Free Marine Navigation App For Android

1.Windguru Mobile

Windguru Old
Windguru Old
Developer: Windguru
Price: Free

Android users are in luck, because WindGuru, the best web for the wind of the moment, has its own version in app, Windguru Mobile . So, whether you’re going to go out by boat from Ibiza, Barcelona, Puerto Real or any corner of the world, Windguru will give you a good wind forecast .For now, it is in English.

If you want to download Windguru in Spanish, for now you will have to settle for its website (which is of high quality and very complete). In fact, if you are already used to the page, the application basically contains the same information: professional wind forecast . No cartoons, no typical weather information … only for (semi) experts!

Free Windguru you have on Google Play (we leave the official link below the image). If you are interested in downloading Windguru Pro for free, you must go to an app market and download the APK at your own risk.

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Best Free Ringtone App For Iphone

Ringtones for iPhone! (music)
Ringtones for iPhone! (music)

The first of the apps we present is, which is a website to download music for Apple for free. In this app you will find a large number of different ringtones to choose the ones you like the most and you will also be able to listen to the music before downloading it, to select the one that most interests you.

Check also how many people have downloaded each song, to see which are most popular and choose between downloading the sounds in MP3 or MP4.

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