Best Free DJ App For Mac

1.Traktor Pro

Traktor DJ
Traktor DJ
Price: $9.99+

You could say that Traktor Pro is one of the best DJ programs, since it is used by thousands of professional DJs, even in the most recognized bars and clubs. It is a program that can be used by both professional DJs and beginners who want to start in the world, thanks to the reliability and high quality of its components.

The interesting thing about this software is the great compatibility with external devices with which you can connect consoles, mixers, controllers, turntables and many more additional tools that are necessary, especially if you want to dedicate to work as a professional DJ.

As for the design, it is one of the most outstanding, because it has many effects, loops, VST effects and 4 highly configurable dishes. In addition, it has very good analysis algorithms and impressive rhythmic accuracy .

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What Is The Best FREE Find My Phone App For Android

1.GPS tracking

GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker
Developer: GpsGate AB
Price: Free

GPS Tracking is an app that will serve as a cellular tracker for your family and friends. It works in a simple and effective way to control where your friends are and your family members will be easier than ever.

Thanks to GPS Tracker technology you will be able to know in real time the situation of the attached devices. Through a map, the app shows the exact real-time location of your cell phone.

Also very useful in case of theft!GPS Tracking is an application to know where your family is or navigate the city. The app is free and for Android, and has a very good rating among users as an app to locate another person’s mobile.

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Best Free Internet Phone App For Android


Having hundreds of millions of downloads is not easy, so not putting this application on the list was almost a sin. Line has the ability to offer instant messaging and free calls anytime and anywhere whenever you have, of course, Internet connection.

The interface is different to what we are used to in WhatsApp, Telegram and others, which is appreciated.The overall quality of the call is quite good, although you will depend on your connection, you will not “hear yourself” a second later when talking to someone, something that is really annoying. Line works very well in general.

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Best Free Internet Radio App For Windows 10

1.Radio App

with this application you can listen to many stations wherever you are, also allows you to customize your application according to the colors of your preference. Radio App gives you the opportunity to share your favorite radio stations with your friends, as well as add them to a list of favorite stations.If you want to know about other applications for Windows 10 visit: Best applications for “Command Line” in Windows 10.

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