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How about being at a party and you want to make a speech. Don’t you hate it, when you’re talking as loud as you can and still the people in the back can barely hear you?

With microphone apps, this is not a problem at all.

And the apps are so simple to use that it’s remarkable. So whether you are at home or in the streets shopping, you name it, the revolutionary microphone apps are here to stay.

Some of the apps do cost a fee, because they have so many different features that are designed inside of the application. Literally, it is like having an expert at your finger tips.

But other applications are simpler and they have less tools and capabilities for you to adjust the sound etc.

These applications may run a little less. Pick out the best application for your needs and then enjoy! Here are a few microphone apps just to give you a few ideas.

#1. Air Microphone

Air Microphone gives you the opportunity to turn your device into a microphone, but not just a microphone, but a wireless microphone.

If you are more interested in the voice amplifier feature, that’s fine, this device does that also. Setup is super quick and easy. It’s as simple as finding AirPlay after clicking on the menu button of your device.

#2. Microphone Pro S

Microphone Pro S has a remarkable and sought after ability. This ability is the no delay attribute. Don’t you hate it when you’re speaking, and the sound of your voice through the microphone is tagging behind? How annoying is that? Very annoying!

Microphone Pro S is known for it’s clear, no delay sound experience. Microphone Pro S is not assisted with Bluetooth, using Bluetooth on this product may cause the sound to be delayed.

Karaoke anyone? This app can also be used during Karaoke or formal events.

#3. Audiphone, Microphone & Loudspeaker

Microphone & Loudspeaker is the perfect app that works beautifully with all 3 of these tools in order allow perfect sound.

This app works with Bluetooth headsets, providing excellent sound. When you want others to hear what you are singing or speaking simply utilize one of these many devices and you’re all set!

#4. Megaphone Free app

Megaphone Free app is very easy to use, just hook up your phone to the speakers and BAM! There you are being heard by everyone.

Great for using at parties and large gatherings. If you want to use your stereo all you have to do is connect your cable and Jack connector and their you easy as pie!

5. Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker

Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker has a sought after feature that draws the attention of shoppers from around the globe.

It has the capability to filter noise. What that means is that, it is able to get rid of static, excess noise, mumbling sounds etc.

Once all unwanted noise has been removed, enjoy and listen to the crisp, clean sound of your voice. But that’s not all their are numerous play modes.

Take your pick of these different types of modes, which are conversation modes, Sports modes and much more.

6. Microphone by Gaz Davidson

Microphone by Gaz Davidson is the app that will give your device the capability to transform their phone into a microphone.

It’s as easy as purchasing a cable, but sure it’s the correct cable. The type of cable that will be needed is the connector jack 3.5.

Next, start connecting the devices, one end of the cord will go into the jack and the other to your phone. So simple, so easy!

Also do not worry about the screen to your phone turning off, that’s taken care of, your app will continue to run regardless!

#7. Microphone – Hearing Aid

Microphone – Hearing Aid is an eye-catcher! Imagine having an app that can allow you to use your phone an external microphone, but let’s not forget also the loudspeaker.

Just think doing all of this with a microphone-hearing aid, remarkable!

#8. Microphone by VonBruno

Microphone by VonBruno is the app to download, if you want your device to have a permanent position in the world of microphones.

Connecting your device to your stereo is all that you will need to do. Can you adjust the volume with this application? The answer is Yes!

Not only can you adjust the volume, but you can also, choose between the different types of effects. Sometimes adding effects can make the entire experience so much more fun! So choose a song from iTunes and enjoy!

The Microphone by VonBruno app does not support Bluetooth, neither is it compatible with AirPlay.

#9. WO Mic

WO Mic works on Android systems. All is needed is a USB-cable or Bluetooth. Nothing else is needed for this application. There’s absolutely nothing difficult about this app. Plus it free!

Microphone by Wonder Grace is a little different from other apps. With this particular app, there is included an acoustic router.

But let’s not stop there, there is also a couple of playback modes. Playback modes, which are equipped to be used mono or in stereo gives the user options and choices for his enjoyment.

#10. Wonderphone by Wonder Grace

Wonderphone by Wonder Grace does all kinds of things, including allowing you to adjust the sound. The two choices that you have to tune the quality are the sensitivity and equalizer adjustments. But that is just half the fun!

The app also comes equipped with a Lock screen mechanism and it is designed to work perfectly with widgets.

But despite all of that, this device most awesome feature is that it works beautifully and expertly with headphones, keyboards and much more!

#11. PocketAudio (Microphone)

PocketAudio (Microphone)is a terrific app for connecting with your computer. The good thing about this app having the ability to connect to your computer is that whatever you say can be saved and played again on your computer.

So communicating via other sources such as AIM, Yahoo, Skype is at your fingertips. Downloading the PocketAudio will enable you to listen to the best sounds that your voice can offer!

#12. Mega Mic

Mega Mic is an app that will enable you to use your device as a microphone. Simply buy a cable. Remember the cable will need to support the headphone jack.

When your phone and the speaker (or whatever item you are connecting it to) are all connected and ready to go, sit back and listen to your voice take over the party.

#13. AirMic – WiFi Microphone

AirMic – WiFi Microphone is the real deal. This application will take your breath away. Designed in a very specific and professional way, this app can easily be and promoted by experts in the field! Created with volume controls, this app can automatically connect to a remote computer.

In fact, it can connect to 4 devices at once. So more guessing, about which devices to unplug, you can keep all of them connected while enjoying the excellent sound!

When using AirMic – WiFi Microphone your device’s operating system will have to be compatible. For example, Vista and Windows XP are working seamlessly with this application.

#14. Record Mic and Call

Record Mic and Call is designed to record calls. if you find that you do not need to keep the calls, you can set up the application so that the calls are deleted automatically. Some of your choices may be between 1, 7 and even 30 days.

What’s great about this call is that the user can send the call to their Email, they also have the choice of sending it to Skype.

When it comes to this application keep in mind the requirements when it comes to MB size. This is a free application.

#15. Community Mic App

Community Mic app is perfect for occasions when you have to speak in a room that is considered to have plenty of space.

This app gets right to the nitty gritty by amplifying your voice to the extent that everyone in the area will hear you with satisfaction.

Transmitted through WiFi, this microphone app does cost a small fee, however there is a trial version that you can enjoy, to help you test the app to see if this is the right one for you.

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