Ebay Shipping to Madagascar

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eBay is hands down one of the best platforms to find used items, hard to find items, collectibles, low priced items, and obscure items.

But the question is Does eBay ship to Madagascar?

The simple answer is: It depends

Not all items can be shipped directly from eBay sellers to Madagascar. There are two reasons for that.

The first reason is some sellers don’t offer international shipping at all.

The second reason is some sellers who offer international shipping are not shipping worldwide. They might be shipping to a lot of countries but not Madagascar.

Another challenge is even though you will find sellers who can ship from eBay to Madagascar, they will not communicate with each other and consolidate your different items into a single package and send to you.

This will add more costs to you because you will pay international shipping for each item, let alone adding complexity to track your different orders from different sellers.

Don’t worry I have found a solution to get ANY item shipped from eBay to Madagascar at a cheap shipping rate even if the sellers don’t deliver to Madagascar.

Let’s explore the delivery options available from eBay to Madagascar.

Buy from eBay and directly ship to Madagascar

This is our ideal scenario and it worked for me sometimes.

Sign up for an account with eBay, search for your product and specify “Free International Shipping“.

eBay free international shipping option

The list of products which are eligible for international shipping will show.

ebay product with free international shipping

Pick the product which has caught your interest. Click to check it’s shipping details to make sure it can be shipped to Madagascar and how much it will cost you.

eBay shipping details

As explained earlier, Some sellers are not offering worldwide international shipping. They ship to select few countries.

ebay item not shipping international

So what to do if the item doesn’t ship to Madagascar? Or what to do if you want to buy different items from different sellers?

I will explain in the upcoming section.

How to ship ANY item from eBay to Madagascar?

In this section, I will explain the solution I found to ship ANY item from eBay even from multiple sellers to Madagascar at a cheap international shipping rate.

In order to ship any item you need to get a US address and you will use this address to receive packages.

But you might be wondering how is that possible to have a USA address while you don’t have any relative in the USA?

On my research, I found that there are many companies offering US addresses and help with international shipping.

They are called Freight forwarders. One of those companies I have been using for years is called MyUS.

They own a warehouse in the United States. Once you open an account with them they will give you a US address where you can send all your packages.

You buy products from eBay or any other US stores and get them shipped to the US address they gave you.

They receive packages on your behalf and once you are ready to ship to Madagascar. They consolidate the packages and send to you in a single package.

The good thing is even before using their service you can calculate how much it will cost you if you decide to send your items through their service. They have a calculator on their website to do so.

Through this service, I have the freedom to shop as if I’m in the USA.

Below video explains how the whole process works.

Happy shopping!