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If you want to create a fast, stable and secure website then you need to choose a well known and reputable web hosting company because otherwise your website will be affected with down times, slow loading speed and spam attacks.

This article will review all Bluehost China hosting packages available to make it easy for you to choose the package which suits your needs.

Bluehost China is a  sister company of the American Bluehost China have servers in Hongkong.

Bluehost China Shared hosting Plans

Plan/PriceDisk SpaceBandwidthWebsites
Linux Plan A
Best Price
10 GB50 GB1
Windows Plan A
Best Price
15 GB50 GB1
Linux Plan B
Best Price
Windows Plan B
Best Price
Linux Plan C
Best Price
Windows Plan B
Best Price

Shared hosting is the most commonly used hosting plan.Through shared hosting, many users can share the same server. It is the cheapest entry level plan for simple websites. The good thing is you can upgrade to other plans anytime once you think your website has gained traction and requires an extra boost in loading speed and up-time.

  • WordPress friendly
  • Lower cost to get started ( a single server shared by many users cut the cost down)
  • No need to do any server maintenance
  • Slow website loading speed if too much websites are parked in a single server
  • Limited server resources (shared with others) such as RAM, CPU, Disk space, Mail Server, Database server, Bandwidth
  • No control of server resources
  • You can’t install custom software on the server
  • Prone to hacking attacks

Bluehost China Cloud hosting Plans

Plan/PriceDisk SpaceBandwidthCPURAM
Best Price
100 GBUnmetered2 Cores2 GB
Best Price
Unmetered RAID StorageUnmetered4 Cores4 GB
Business Pro
Best Price
Unmetered RAID StorageUnmetered6 Cores6 GB

Cloud hosting is better than the shared hosting plan above. The following features makes it superior to shared hosting plans. Cloud hosting technology is based on Cloud computing technology.

Reliability and Safety

bluehost china cloud hosting feature: reliability and safety

On the cloud your website is automatically mirrored on three distinct servers, to guarantee 100% up-time for your website. If a hardware failure or problem occurs on one server, one copy of your website will be designated to operate , while the other two copies will try to fix the problem.

Website fast loading time

The Cloud hosting platform is built on high-end hardware and low-density servers which offer efficient caching for static website content. The platform is also connected with the Global CDN. These features reduce the loading time of your website from any part of the world and improve the user experience of your website.

bluehost china cloud hosting feature:fast website loading time

  • Faster than shared hosting
  • More reliable (no single point of failure)
  • Scalable and efficient
  • No need to do any server maintenance
  • Cost efficient (allows you to pay for only the resources you use)
  • Expensive than shared hosting

Simplified difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting

I have to come up with the simplified difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting to make the subject clear and help you make an informed decision.

On shared hosting – the resources of one server are shared with many users while

On cloud hosting – the resources of many servers which make a cloud are shared with many users

That difference means if the server of the shared hosting crashes your website will go down while if one of the many servers of the cloud hosting crashes your website will still be served by other servers.

Bluehost China VPS Hosting Plans

PlanCPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidth
Standard2 Cores2 GB30 GB1 TB
Enhanced2 Cores4 GB60 GB2 TB
Premium3 Cores6 GB120 GB3 TB
Elite4 Cores8 GB240 GB3 TB

Virtual Private Servers, in theory, is a great way to have the services of a dedicated server but without the cost associated with it.

The Virtual server technology works by taking a single physical server and partition it into virtually separate servers independent of each other using a software.

Each virtual server will act as a complete standalone server with a share of total resources available on the physical server.

  • Faster than shared hosting and Cloud hosting
  • Less expensive than a full dedicated hosting plan that uses a physical server
  • More control over your virtual server than you do with shared hosting
  • You can run custom software
  • More computing power available
  • Expensive than shared hosting and Cloud hosting
  • Setup requires technical skills with servers

Bluehost China Dedicated Server hosting Plans

DS2Intel E3-1265LV2 2.50 GHz quad-core w / HT - 4 Cores4 GB1000 GB RAID5 TB
DS3Intel E3-1265LV2 2.50 GHz quad-core w / HT - 4 Cores8 GB1000 GB RAID10 TB
DS4Intel E3-1230V2 3.20 GHz quad-core w / HT - 4 Cores16 GB1000 GB RAID15 TB

Dedicated hosting plans offers a 1: 1 ratio for resource allocation, unlike shared hosting plan where there are many customers sharing a single server. It is the most expensive plan compared to the others.

If your business website traffic is very large, or need to support multiple complex cloud applications, a stand-alone server is a perfect choice for you and your customers.

  • Gives complete control of the dedicated server
  • Good for resource hungry website or web apps
  • Expensive compared to all the plans
  • Setup requires technical skills with servers

Reasons why Bluehost China is the best hosting provider

1.”30-day money back guarantee”

Bluehost china supports “30-day money back guarantee” if you are not satisfied with the hosting performance. You can use this 30-day time to fully test the hosting performance. It is a win-win deal.

2.Reputable brand

Bluehost is a reputable US hosting provider with over 13 years of experience in the hosting industry.It was started in 2003.Bluehost is among the few US companies providing hosting services overseas.Its US and Hongkong servers are the most famous ones but it has servers in other several locations such as India,Europe,Mexico.

3.Stable performance

Bluehost servers are supported by a stable platform or architecture which ensures nearly to 100% uptime without data loss and other issues.Bluehost servers provide bi-directional disk backup which ensures stable storage of data.

4.Easy to use Cpanel or Plesk panel

Bluehost China Linux servers are installed with easy to use CPanel while the Windows servers are installed with easy to use Plesk panel for the website and server management.These panels have options to switch languages from Chinese to others and vice versa.

5.Reasonable price

Bluehost China lowest hosting package price starting at RMB 15/Month  (equivalent to $2.5) which allows you to host a single website.The package offers 10GB storage space,50GB bandwidth and 100 Email accounts.All Bluehost China hosting packages support 30 days money back guarantee.It gives you the flexibility of testing their services without being forced to commit yourself at the beginning.

6.Responsive Customer Technical support

Bluehost China has responsive customer technical  support which can be reached directly from the Bluehost China official homepage live chat or through QQ:800087860.You can also call the customer care hotline at 400-860-1250.They are also available on Wechat with username:cnbluehost.Also on Weibo with username:Bluehost虚拟主机

Below are Bluehost China different hosting plans.You can compare and choose one which suits your needs.

7.No need for ICP license to host your website on Bluehost China

In order to host your website in China you will need an ICP License which is not easy to get so for this case,you need a hosting company in a nearby country such as Hongkong and the only web hosting company which is well known and reputable and offers stable,fast and secure web hosting in Hongkong is Bluehost China.A sister company of the American Bluehost.


After purchasing the hosting plan you can check this visual tutorial on how to create a WordPress website on Bluehost China.

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  1. I am trying it and here is what happened:

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    3- Bluehost cannot be accessed by WeChat because the username provided above does not exist…

    Too many issues are going wrong and I didn’t even start….

    • Hi Miki,

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      2.Try this hotline 021-63300876

      3. Did you scan the QR code?


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