Best Free Fake Caller Id App For Android

Fake Call Plus
Fake Call Plus
Developer: Dong Kui Yue
Price: Free+

This app available to users with the operating system ios, is free and simulates an incoming call perfectly. It allows you to edit the contact, use the vibracall mode, change the background and the tone of the screen.

The simulator of false calls is so real that you will see the contact of the call on the screen and you can swipe to take it as in a real call.With this App for iPhone, you have options hidden in each button, for example.

On the right, on the Voicemail button, we can select the wallpaper, the tone of the call and if we want the smartphone to vibrate.On the left, in Favorites, we can choose the contact of the phone that calls us. We can type it manually or search our contact directory.

You can also program the time you want to receive the call.Remember everything is a simulation, the calls are not real and the contact you select will not find out that you are “receiving” a false call from your contact.

2.Fake Call and SMS (Android)

Fake call
Fake call
Price: Free
It has happened to anyone, be in an uncomfortable situation and use the phone as a distraction . Pretending a call saves you from that moment or undesirable person.

But, for everything to go perfectly, nothing better than having on hand one of the fake calling apps available for Android and iOS.Because picking up the phone and faking an incoming call can be quite embarrassing.

The other person may come to notice that it is all a lie.For that reason, for some time now there have been applications that simulate incoming calls in such a way that you can even think that it is a real call.

These Apps for fake calls are usually free and take up little storage space. Below, some recommendations of this type of applications and their characteristics.

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