Best Free Cad App For Android

1.AutoCAD 360

Autodesk developed a web platform through which to view DWG files and add retouches and editions that do not involve major changes. AutoCAD 360 offers free access and two subscription services to add more options and allow a save of the plans in the cloud.

Thus, with the free account we can see 2D plans without editing, maintaining 5 GB of space; we have a premium service that adds editing tools and 25 GB for $ 4.99 per month; also an upper step with 100 GB of space in the cloud.

Premium subscriptions can be paid per year, obtaining a discount on the total.Autocad 360 has its Android application with which to view the files and edit them depending on whether or not we have paid subscription. This subscription can be paid as an in-app purchase.

2.DWG FastView-CAD Plan Viewer

We have put AutoCAD 360 first because it is the name has its weight in the computer-aided design, but the application we analyze now does not fall short in comparison. What’s more: DWG FastView provides a greater number of tools including 3D dimensioning.

 And without the need for subscriptions of any kind. DWG FastView-CAD Plan Viewer is a complete viewer of DWG files created from various CAD tools, including AutoCAD.

It allows to visualize the plane independently of the size of its file (that yes, it is necessary to be aware with the limitations of the Android device), having the option of exporting views to PDF and other image formats.An essential application for those who want to have their plans always on top with the option to view and edit them. Very good.

3.ARES Touch Beta.

As with Autodesk, Ares has a tool for computers with which to work with DWG files that is also enhanced by mobile applications. Ares Touch, still in beta, is a very good application for the topic that concerns us in this article and with which we can not only view CAD files, but also edit them directly from the screen of the mobile and the tablet.

With the download of Ares Touch we will have access to a test of the complete service with which to “test” also the editing mode. Once the test is finished, we can acquire Ares Commander (the professional package) bringing all the functions of Ares Touch for Android included.

The cost is not high considering the rest of CAD software: 250 euros.Speaking of the mobile application itself, Ares Touch Beta has seemed a perfect app to use as a viewer of DWG files and also to edit them. It is powerful enough for all the small changes that we want to introduce, allowing to draw, insert blocks or export views to PDF, among many other strong points.


Price: Free+

This application is aimed at teams that work together on the same piece and need to organize tasks regardless of where they are located. In addition, it allows the work on 3D plans keeping the information synchronized with all the members of the team and in the cloud.

Vision and collaborative editing of 3D CAD files that also works in web browsers using the same account.We will need an account to use Onshape. It is not necessary to pay any subscription for a basic use that also includes editing options, although this mode only allows you to maintain ten documents with 5 GB of space in the cloud (100 MB private).

You can acquire unlimited space and documents with a professional account of 100 dollars per month per user, but surely you will be enough with the free one to see and visualize your files.Onshape integrates a very high number of tools for 3D CAD visualization and editing, having the advantage of offering collaborative use while maintaining control of changes and export possibilities. You can even print the designs using a 3D printer.

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