What Is The Best FREE Barcode Reader App For The iPhone

1.Barcode & QR Scanner barcoo

Barcode & QR Code Scanner
Barcode & QR Code Scanner
Developer: TeaCapps
Price: Free+

Barcoo is one of the most popular and well-known barcode scanner apps for mobile phones. It offers a large range of functions and comes with the following functions:

  • price comparison
  • reviews
  • Reviews from other users
  • Food traffic light
  • product comparisons
  • Sustainability information about the manufacturers
  • Information on ingredients, Mogelpackungen
  • Wine traffic light
  • cosmetics traffic light
  • Barcoo acts partly through advertising and too much information a bit overloaded.

In our short test Barcoode Scanner Barcoo was able to recognize most products, but not all detailed information was available. In addition, the apps sometimes seems overloaded and offers functions that seem unnecessary. Why are there achievements for scanning codes? Here we would have liked a little more clarity.

2.ShopSavvy barcode scanner

The ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner advertises with the following features:

  • Find the best prices for product
  • product
  • user reviews
  • Networking with friends

ShopSavvy has detected most of our products in our short test, but delivered much less information than barcoo. In addition, the app urges one to virtually connect with his friends via Facebook. Nerve! If that does not bother you, you can also try ShopSavvy.

3.Codecheck: Ingredients check via app

Codecheck has a very good rating of 4.4 stars in Google Play Store . The app is advertised with the following features:

  • Read the barcode and QR code of over 26 million items
  • Gives independent expert reviews and ingredient information
  • Indicates nutritional values and ingredients in the traffic light colors
  • Makes the product and price comparison
  • Warns against critical content
  • Protects with allergy warnings.Looks great and offers many tips for healthy eating and responsible shopping: Codecheck.

Codecheck also offers a product database, looks extremely noble and is clearly arranged. There is advertising, but this is pleasantly integrated into the design and not too intrusive. The database contains a wealth of information about ingredients, sustainability, etc.

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