Best Free Android And Iphone App For Counting Calories

1. FatSecret

Calorie Counter by FatSecret
Calorie Counter by FatSecret
Calorie Counter by FatSecret
Calorie Counter by FatSecret

FatSecret is a free application that you can install on your Android smartphone, Windows Phone or your iPhone.This app allows you to keep track of your diet, with accurate counting of calories and different macro-nutrients.

Thanks to the pre-existing food database (and continually enriched by members), just type the name of your food in the search bar to easily find the foods in question and their nutritional values.

You can directly scan the food barcodes using your phone’s camera: the application searches its database and displays the food in question (note that this feature does not work all the time).

The app displays nice charts and graphs that help you easily visualize where you are and what you have consumed during the day.

You will find on the application and on the site a community of support which will be able to be motivating in case of blow of slack.The application is free.

2. MyNetDiary

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

This is the application I use.It is very similar to FatSecret in many ways: easy counting of calories and macro-nutrients, ability to search for food in the application database, ability to scan food barcodes, etc.

I recommend you to check the nutritional values indicated by the application when you search for a food in the database: sometimes the values are inaccurate (this is also the case for FatSecret and other applications).

If the values are not good, I recommend you create a personalized food, by entering yourself the nutritional values of the food in question (that you will have found on the packaging of the food or on the internet).

The days you want, you can enter your weight in the application, and it is responsible for you out a small graph allowing you to visualize your evolution.You can also enter your goal in terms of weight, and how long you want to achieve this goal.

The application is responsible for calculating the number of calories to be consumed each day, with recommendations on the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (I do not preoccupy this feature because I find it too inaccurate.

I use different formulas to calculate my caloric deficit).The application is free (we can upgrade to the pro version for a few euros, but the free version is enough for the use we want to make).

Only problem: this application is only in English (well, I assure you: you do not have to be very good at using the app).

3. Calory counter – MyFitnessPal

Price: Free+

This calorie counter is similar to FatSecret and MyNetDiary. There are the same features.The application can be paired with trackers or walking applications for more accuracy.The application is free.

4. Yazio

YAZIO — Diet & Food Tracker
YAZIO — Diet & Food Tracker

As with the applications above, this application allows you to count your calories easily, set goals to achieve, visualize your progress with graphs and summaries.

It also includes a barcode reader.You can choose to incorporate sports activities (including housework and gardening) for a more accurate calculation of caloric expenditure. And so be able to adjust the amounts of what you can do in our mouth.The application is free

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